A man asked LORD BUDDHA “I want happiness”. LORD BUDDHA said first remove “I” that’s EGO. Then remove “WANT” that’s DESIRE. See now you are only left with “HAPPINESS”.

I find people everyday who say they want happiness but they don’t have it. They say they don’t have this thing or that or they don’t have money, or a partner or friends and many other things. It seems that they all think these things only can make them happy. But in reality for being happy you don’t need anything except yourself. you don’t need a partner, money or anything to be a happy person. It just comes from inside.

“We are as happy as we make our minds to be.”

Most of us are not happy because we don’t know anything about ourselves. Whatever circumstances you are in, whatever condition your life is in, you can be happy. Yeah you can be happy if you follow these simple things.

1. Settle your past


Past incidents, past things, break ups, loses and failures are the things which when we think move happiness away from our life. We begin to live in past, the past which we can’t change. Things that have happened and we can’t change them.  We start wasting our time on them which destroys our inner peace. Past is a happiness killer. Yes. It kills your abilities to smile. So if you want to be happy first you need to  Continue reading



The Magic in Flower’s

Today once again i am praising the nature,
For today i am, writing poetry about the flowers,
Had been seeing them, always as i mature,
Since childhood viewing them, as sweet love towers,
The colors they have, no artist can make,
If they were not made, this world would be fake.



They flowers for sure, are the symbol of  love,
Being given to partners, love whom we, 

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Every artist has times in his/her life when he feels discouraged by the work he has done. He feels he is not a good artist and can’t even be a professional artist ever. But this is not the truth. Things happen which we didn’t think it could happen which makes us discouraged about being an artist. Trust me you alone are not facing it. I too faced it and many great artists at some point of life faced it too. Just they became great because they knew if they get discouraged and thought they can’t be an artist they wouldn’t have been known to all of us.

We are excited about our work

Whenever we have completed some artwork we are happy with it and we are very excited about it. We have so eagerness in our minds to show to other people the art we have created. But when we go our parents or relative and show them our work we have just created, they say “hmm ya is fine”. Things like this but we didn’t thought we would hear it. We love our artwork we just created but didn’t get a great feedback from whom we showed. We begin to feel sad that our art is not good and we can’t be an artist ever. This is not the right way to think. The people you show your parents or relative they don’t know what your artwork really is. They are not artist’s so they can’t imagine the feelings you had of your artwork. If it seems good to you it is good. Don’t be discouraged. Some can’t create what you created so be happy and keep making more artworks. It may not be that good but the more artworks you do the more practice it is, and practice leads to improvement and improvement leads to PERFECTION. So don’t get discouraged and be happy what you made and keep learning from your mistakes and your next artwork would be better than the previous one. So never let anything tell you can’t paint. Just keep going. You will learn that discouraging will only stop your potential to become an artist and you will never reach your mark. You can’t cross a thousand miles journey in one jump. It is started by one step at a time. So as you keep working on your art and learning from mistakes you are progressing and you will reach your DREAMS


Thank you for reading my post. Hope you learned something. Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up on your dreams. If you keep moving, nothing can stop you from reaching our dreams.




A Name everybody knows, a common name in this world. As common is the name and more common is its use. Worldwide. Different varieties of it available all over the world. Every country having a speciality of Drugs and it becomes a trademark of that country like the best variety of that type of drug is found in that  particular country. This topic may be elongated to as much as we want, it won’t end. So coming to three major reasons which make people DO DRUGS. 
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Some things which need not be forgotten ever in life.

1. Never make the same mistake twice,

     There are so many new ones,

     Try a different one each day.


2. A good way to change someone’s attitude is to change our              own,

    Because, the same sun melts butter, Also hardens clay! 

     Life is as we think, so  think beautifully. 

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I went to a closed sugar mill near my city. Found a magazine and there was this article posted “THE LIMITLESS” by RITU – Assistant Manager, SADB Chandigarh. It’s a great article liked it a lot that’s why sharing it with you all. So writing the same as she wrote.

As I ended up watching movie “LIMITLESS”, a paranoia-fueled action thriller about a not so successful writer whose life gets transformed by a top-secret smart drug that allows him to use 100% of his brain and become a perfect version of himself, i wished we all could do that… it was a movie, something hypothetical, but i kept pondering over, what if we put our 100% brain to use, could it be possible, could we really become limitless??

The Human brain is a set of gears powered rope. Only with the key of power, energy and motivation, the brain back up and run. The brain can work 100 percent for sure provided Continue reading