A Name everybody knows, a common name in this world. As common is the name and more common is its use. Worldwide. Different varieties of it available all over the world. Every country having a speciality of Drugs and it becomes a trademark of that country like the best variety of that type of drug is found in that  particular country. This topic may be elongated to as much as we want, it won’t end. So coming to three major reasons which make people DO DRUGS. 

1. Curiosity


This is major reason from where people starts taking them. They are teenagers and they are very curious of what the outside world is. Curious to test everything. Although they get debates and classes at schools for telling them what they are and what impact they have on our minds and body. But the generation don’t believe the people who have tried them and they are suffering from it and repenting on the day when they did it first time. But curiosity drives teenagers to try them for the first time. They think they have great brains and great bodies that can overcome anything and nothing will happen to them ever. They are over-confident of themselves and they want to know what this thing can do. I know everyone want’s to know what drugs are so many try it first time and then what happens is the same thing that happens to every person. But you still don’t realize that time that your body and brain weren’t so powerful in front of that DRUG.

BOTTOM LINE:- To all who are curious to find what drugs can do and want to try it one time and knowing what it can do, there’s one more thing you should try i.e Poison. You know what it can do because you have heard from everyone and read everywhere but maybe your body and brain is powerful. Maybe it can handle that thing. You are confident i mean over-confident so if you’re trying DRUGS try this too.

2. Peer Pressure


That’s an important thing everyone has faced peer pressure in their lives for some or other reason. Our friends, and people whom we know cause it for us. Actually they don’t cause it, we let them create peer pressure when it comes to drugs. Our friends are having drugs and you know that, you are sitting with them and you alone don’t do drugs and rest all do. I bet it won’t take long when you will try because everyday they will tell you what it makes you feel like, how much will you enjoy. But they are of your age. Drugs are like slow poison, it attacks slowly. Go to a person 30-35 years older than you who had drugs and ask what he feels now. How high he feels now. How much he can enjoy now. He will tell you the power of Drugs and you won’t believe it and some will still get the curiosity factor then and rest is history. So pressure from friends and other people makes us do Drugs. But everyone has got the power to say no. We just are so awesome to never say no to a clear slow poison.


BOTTOM LINE:- Try to create a peer pressure on your friends who do drugs and say them to stop it. You won’t be able to get them stop that. Because they won’t ever let you create peer pressure on them. Then why you allow them to create pressure on yourself? I am curious to know the answer.

3. Feeling High and Escaping from reality 


Now what can i say about it. The most important reason for doing DRUGS. 90% do it for this reason only. They feel like cowards who can’t defend themselves and can’t fight with their problems so they take a dose and you are feeling high and have escaped the reality for some hours. But after when your feet gets on the ground again, i wanna ask. Has the problem solved for which you took a dose? Is that problem over? If YES. I wanna heartily congratulate you. But i am smiling because i know the answer. Why wanna we escape from reality? Why do you think yourself so coward that you can’t face your problems and win? Why you don’t want to live like a legend and face wars instead of sitting in corner having a dose? I don’t understand. Just a waste of time because the problem remains still there and you don’t have any option except to face it and find a solution or get HIGH AGAIN. And you still choose the same thing. “ESCAPING”. Ask the older person 30-35 years older than you that did his problems got solved after he gets his feet on ground after a dose? Ask him.

BOTTOM LINE:- If you want to be called a legend and die like that DRUGS are not in a LEGEND Dictionary and if you want to just keep escaping from reality then have a dose when you have a problem in front of you and when the power of dose is over, ask yourself. Did the problem get solved? The time you wasted in taking drugs and feeling high, those hours which didn’t solve anything but just temporary pleasure, if you had used those hours in trying to solve it would have been solved to some extent.



THANK YOU for reading my post. Hoping you learned something and thought about having drugs or not for sometime. If i were able to make you think about this SLOW POISON, i’ll  be happy because i will know i have done a good job.

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