The Magic in Flower’s

Today once again i am praising the nature,
For today i am, writing poetry about the flowers,
Had been seeing them, always as i mature,
Since childhood viewing them, as sweet love towers,
The colors they have, no artist can make,
If they were not made, this world would be fake.



They flowers for sure, are the symbol of  love,
Being given to partners, love whom we, 

Seem love floating, in the sky as does a dove,
Can cheer me when I’m sitting sad by the tree,
It change hatred to love when given by a smile,
Even Hitler would have changed if were given by a style.


One thing special, flowers heal in many ways,
For the wounded who are can get them well,
As we go to hospitals we take them always,
We have seen their magic i don’t need to tell,
Their beauty in your soul keeps you perfectly fine,
Seeing them everyday can make your day shine.


One word for them, that they are magically pure
End the hate, and full bags with flowers,
Love will spread as they are the best cure
Blessing of god in them i see shower
For happiness and love they are the logic
Now don’t ever forget the flowers magic..!



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Thank you for reading this lovely post. I am not a poet and i apologise if this poetry is not good. Just tried to write something different today. The whole poetry is written by me so no one try to copy this poetry and use it, you can share this post for sure.


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